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Prograde amphibolite facies to ultrahigh-pressure transition along Nordfjord, western Norway

Summary: Prograde amphibolite facies to ultrahigh-pressure
transition along Nordfjord, western Norway:
Implications for exhumation tectonics
David J. Young,1
Bradley R. Hacker,1
Torgeir B. Andersen,2
and Fernando Corfu2
Received 23 December 2004; revised 25 August 2006; accepted 22 September 2006; published 3 February 2007.
[1] The Nordfjord area of western Norway hosts one
of the best known provinces of ultrahigh-pressure
(UHP) rocks in the world, yet the nature of the
transition from the UHP rocks into surrounding
amphibolite-facies crust has remained unclear. New
thermobarometry of phengite- and kyanite-bearing
eclogites shows that this transition is unbroken by
major structures: the pressure and temperature gradient
increases smoothly over a horizontal distance of
$20 km, from high-pressure amphibolite facies
($1.5 GPa/600­700°C) through quartz eclogite
($2.4 GPa/600°C) into UHP eclogite (>2.7 GPa/


Source: Andersen, Torgeir Bjørge - Centre for Physics of Geological Processes & Department of Geosciences, Universitetet i Oslo
Hacker, Bradley R. - Hacker, Bradley R. - Department of Geological Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara
UCLA, Ion Microprobe Facility


Collections: Geosciences