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254 | VOL.7 NO.4 | APRIL 2010 | nature methods research highlights

Summary: 254 | VOL.7 NO.4 | APRIL 2010 | nature methods
research highlights
gene regulation
The DNA-binding landscape
Visualizing binding data in the form of
specificity landscapes yields new insight
into the behavior of DNA-binding mol-
Proteins or small molecules designed to
bind certain DNA sequences and to regu-
late target genes have much promise in
both basic and applied research. But it is
important that these tools be specific. As
part of their efforts to build such synthetic
transcription factors, Aseem Ansari and
colleagues at the University of Wisconsin,
Madison, therefore tested the specificity
of factor binding to DNA. They used cus-
tom DNA arrays displaying every possible
10-mer sequencealmost a half a million


Source: Ansari, Aseem Z. - Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Biology and Medicine