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Vision In and Out of Vehicles: Integrated Driver and Road Scene Monitoring

Summary: Vision In and Out of Vehicles: Integrated
Driver and Road Scene Monitoring
Nicholas Apostoloff and Alexander Zelinsky
The Australian National University, Robotic Systems Laboratory, Research School of
Information Sciences and Engineering, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia
Abstract. 1.17 million people die in road crashes around the world each year. It is estimated
that up to 30% of these fatalities are caused by fatigue and inattention. This paper presents
preliminary results of an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) project that has fused visual lane
tracking and driver monitoring technologies in the first step to closing the loop between vision
inside and outside the vehicle. Experimental results of the active stereo-vision lane tracking
system will be discussed focusing on the particle filter and cue fusion technology used. The
results from the integration of the lane tracker and the driver monitoring system are presented
with an analysis of the driver's visual behavior in several different scenarios.
1 Introduction
It is estimated that around 30% of fatal car crashes can be attributed to driver
inattention and fatigue [4] [11]. Numerous studies have been performed to analyse
signs of driver fatigue through the measurement of the visual demand on the driver.
This is often through frame-by-frame human-rater measurement or infrared corneal-
reflection technologies. While these studies produce valuable results, they are often
time consuming and too unreliable for many research purposes [11]. An ITS project


Source: Apostoloff, Nicholas - Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford


Collections: Engineering; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences