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A completeness theorem for a class of synchronization (Extended Abstract)

Summary: A completeness theorem for a class of synchronization
(Extended Abstract)
Yehuda Afek Eytan Weisberger \Lambda
Hanan Weisman y
Computer Science Department, Tel­Aviv University, Israel 69978.
We study a class of synchronization objects in shared
memory concurrent systems, which we call common2.
This class contains read­modify­write objects that com­
mute (e.g. fetch­and­add), or overwrite (e.g. swap).
It is known that this class is contained in the consen­
sus number 2 class of objects [Her91a], and most of the
commonly used objects with consensus number 2 are in­
cluded in it. We show that any object in the common2
class can implement any other object in the class, in a
system with an arbitrary number of processes. In fact
we show that the objects in common2 are implementable
from any object with consensus number 2.
The common2 class is in particular interesting since


Source: Afek, Yehuda - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences