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Building Geospatial Tools from Workflow Systems Alexander B. Nagelberg

Summary: Building Geospatial Tools from Workflow Systems
Alexander B. Nagelberg
Louisiana State University
Department of Computer Science
Center for Computation and Technology
September 10, 2007
Triana1, actively developed at University of Wales in Cardiff, is a pow-
erful workflow manager written in Java. It allows units, small modules
performing specific tasks that can take in one or many inputs and provide
one or many outputs, to be written in ease and provide workflows with pow-
erful toolsets. Triana provides tools to easily generate templates for creating
units in a toolset.
Triana already has some useful toolsets such as audio processing, image
processing, mathematical operations, and grid tools. These can be used
easily by dragging in objects and connecting them to one another and con-
figured appropriately. For example, if one wanted to save a picture they
were looking at on a web site in black and white, they could drag in the
URLImage unit, connect it to a ToGreyScale unit, and finally connect that
to a WriteGIF unit, run the process, and their picture would be saved from
the website to a black and white image in a GIF file (see Figure 1).


Source: Allen, Gabrielle - Department of Computer Science, Louisiana State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences