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Why RTS-CTS is not your ideal wireless LAN multiple access protocol

Summary: Why RTS-CTS is not your ideal wireless LAN
multiple access protocol
Jo~ao LuŽis Sobrinho, Roland de Haan, JosŽe Manuel BrŽazio
Instituto de Telecomunicac~oes, IST
Lisboa, Portugal
Email: {joao.sobrinho, r.dehaan, jose.brazio}@lx.it.pt
Abstract-- Although Request-To-Send Clear-To-Send (RTS-CTS)
has been introduced as a uniform improvement over Carrier Sense
Multiple Access (CSMA) in a wireless LAN environment it is not.
As it tries to solve the hidden-stations problem of CSMA, it creates
new problems derived from the interaction among its control and
data packets. In this paper, we systematically identify and classify the
sequences of events where CSMA and RTS-CTS depart from an ideal
behavior, and we define a reference configuration and an analytical
model on the basis of which a comparative study of protocol
performance is made. The results show that RTS-CTS falls short of
an ideal protocol, in some cases performing even worse than CSMA.
This is especially noticeable in situations where the interaction
between control packets in RTS-CTS prevents transmissions that
under CSMA could occur concurrently and successfully.


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


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