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Visualization of Multi Patch Data in Astrophysics Elena Caraba

Summary: Visualization of Multi Patch Data in Astrophysics
Elena Caraba
Advisor: Dr. Peter Diener
Center for Computation and Technology
Louisiana State University -Baton Rouge
1. Visualization
In research, numerical simulations are used to approximate analytical solutions to complex equa-
tions. When one introduces mathematical models and tries to solve them numerically, large
amounts of data are generated.
Visualization is used to better understand different aspects of the simulations, to identify and
locate problems in the numerical codes, and to present the results of the simulations to people
outside the field. It is often easier to present and interpret these results in a simple graphical
2. Multiple Patches
Spherical domains are usually preferred for physical simulations of stars and black holes. The
angular resolution does not depend on the radius. The system of coordinates has to be adapted
to the geometry of the physical object - for example black holes and stars are almost spherical.
In addition, in numerical simulations of black holes singularities are a particular challenge. The
excision method removes these from the computational domain, introducing an inner boundary.


Source: Allen, Gabrielle - Department of Computer Science, Louisiana State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences