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Semantic Web Methodologies for Spatial Decision Support

Summary: Semantic Web Methodologies for Spatial
Decision Support
Michael J. Casey Mark A. Austin**
University of Maryland
Institute for Systems Research and
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
College Park
MD 20742
* caseymj@isr.umd.edu
** austin}@isr.umd.edu
ABSTRACT: Spatial decision support systems (SDSSs) have emerged from the co-evolution of
research in decision support systems (DSSs) and geospatial information systems (GISs).
Because of issues of interoperability and scale, these systems face new challenges and
opportunities in an Internet-connected world. We present a conventional and semantic agent-
assisted view of SDSS capability and discuss current trends in GIS technology relevant to
spatial decision support. We introduce and discuss technologies and methodologies being
developed for the web-based exchange of data and services using semantic agents. A
semantic-web enabled spatial navigation problem is presented and its advantages for
decision-time generation of alternatives are discussed. Finally, we discuss extensions and


Source: Austin, Mark - Institute for Systems Research & Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering