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Mixed-Initiative, Multi-Source Information Assistants Craig A. Knoblock

Summary: Mixed-Initiative, Multi-Source Information Assistants
Craig A. Knoblock

Steven Minton Jos┤e Luis Ambite
Univ. of Southern California Fetch Technologies Univ. of Southern California
knoblock@isi.edu minton@fetch.com ambite@isi.edu
Maria Muslea Jean Oh Martin Frank
Univ. of Southern California Univ. of Southern California Univ. of Southern California
mariam@isi.edu jeanoh@isi.edu frank@isi.edu
While the information resources on the Web are vast, the
sources are often hard to find, painful to use, and difficult
to integrate. We have developed the Heracles framework for
building Web-based information assistants. This framework
provides the infrastructure to rapidly construct new appli-
cations that extract information from multiple Web sources
and interactively integrate the data using a dynamic, hier-
archical constraint network. This paper describes the core
technologies that comprise the framework, including infor-
mation extraction, hierarchical template representation, and


Source: Ambite, JosÚ Luis - Information Sciences Institute & Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences