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Improving the Performance of Fault-Aware Scheduling Policies for Desktop Grids

Summary: Improving the Performance of Fault-Aware
Scheduling Policies for Desktop Grids
(Be Lazy, Be Cool)
Cosimo Anglano, Massimo Canonico
Dipartimento di Informatica, Universita' del Piemonte Orientale (Italy),
Abstract-- Desktop Grids have proved to be a suitable platform
for the execution of Bag-of-Tasks applications but, being char-
acterized by a high resource volatility, require the availability
of scheduling techniques able to effectively deal with resource
failures and/or unplanned periods of unavailability. Fault-aware
scheduling, proposed in [1], can be considered a promising
approach, yielding to both performance improvements for Bag-
of-Task-Applications and increased utilization for Desktop Grids.
The best fault-aware scheduling strategy available at the moment
uses on-line scheduling, that is it starts a task as soon as a
machine becomes available. In this paper we present a machine
selection policy based on the idea that sometimes is better to wait
for another machine rather than greedily exploit an immediately
available one. An extensive simulation study, carried on for a


Source: Anglano, Cosimo - Dipartimento di Informatica, UniversitÓ del Piemonte Orientale "A. Avogadro"


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences