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The Impossibility of Boosting Distributed Service Resilience Paul Attie1

Summary: The Impossibility of Boosting Distributed Service Resilience
Paul Attie1
Rachid Guerraoui2
Petr Kuznetsov3
Nancy Lynch4
Sergio Rajsbaum5
(1) Department of Computer Science and Center for Advanced Mathematical Studies, American University of Beirut
(2) Distributed Programming Laboratory, EPFL
(3) Technische Universit¨at Berlin/Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
(4) MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
(5) Instituto de Matem´aticas, Universidad Nacional Aut´onoma de M´exico (UNAM)
March 17, 2010
We study f-resilient services, which are guaranteed to operate as long as no more than f of
the associated processes fail. We prove three theorems asserting the impossibility of boosting the
resilience of such services. Our first theorem allows any connection pattern between processes
and services but assumes these services to be atomic (linearizable) objects. This theorem says
that no distributed system in which processes coordinate using f-resilient atomic objects and
reliable registers can solve the consensus problem in the presence of f + 1 undetectable process
stopping failures. In contrast, we show that it is possible to boost the resilience of some systems


Source: Attie, Paul - Department of Computer Science, American University of Beirut


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences