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Scalability Analysis of NEMO Prefix Delegation-based Schemes

Summary: Scalability Analysis of NEMO Prefix
Delegation-based Schemes
Md. Shohrab Hossain
Abu Zafar M. Shahriar
Mohammed Atiquzzaman
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019
Email: {shohrab, shahriar, atiq}@ou.edu
William Ivancic
NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, OH 44135
Email: wivancic@grc.nasa.gov
Abstract--A number of prefix delegation-based schemes have
been proposed to solve the route optimization problem in NEMO,
where a group of hosts move together as a mobile network. The
schemes trade off between inefficiency of routes and various
overheads. With the rapid growth of mobile computing, this
overhead will give rise to the scalability issue of these schemes.
However, there has been no quantitative study on the asymptotic
scalability analysis of these schemes. In this paper, we have
developed analytical models for scalability analysis of these


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences