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Queen Mary University of London Reflective Learning Logbook Entry

Summary: Queen Mary University of London
Reflective Learning Logbook Entry
WEEK ______________ DATE_________________
Activities undertaken:
Groups of pupils worked with (if relevant, please be aware of Child Protection Act issues as they
pertain to student anonymity):
What have you seen pupils learning this week/teaching techniques etc?
This section is for you to reflect on your experiences today. Please take
some time before next week to complete this.
Queen Mary University of London
How do you feel about the session?
Positive outcomes
Include comments on: What did you enjoy about the session? What did you see as your contribution? Did
the pupils you worked with understand something new? Materials developed? Don't forget to note any
evidence for your thoughts.
Challenges faced
Did you have any difficulties? Why do think they arose? How did you deal with them? Don't forget the
sources of help (see Section 2.2).


Source: Agnor, Craig B. - Astronomy Unit, School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London


Collections: Physics