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Variable-duration notched-noise experiments in a broadband noise context

Summary: Variable-duration notched-noise experiments in a broadband
noise context
James J. Hant, Brian P. Strope, and Abeer A. Alwan
Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering,
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, UCLA, 405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90095
Received 27 April 1998; accepted for publication 30 June 1998
A variable-duration notched-noise experiment was conducted in a noise context. Broadband noise
preceded and followed a tone and notched noise of similar duration. Thresholds were measured at
four durations 10, 30, 100, and 300 ms , two center frequencies 0.6, 2.0 kHz , and five relative
notch widths 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8 . At 0.6 kHz, 10-ms thresholds decrease 6 dB across notch
widths, while 300-ms thresholds decrease over 35 dB. These trends are similar but less pronounced
at 2 kHz. In a second experiment, the short-duration notched noise was replaced with a flat noise
which provided an equivalent amount of simultaneous masking and thresholds dropped by as much
as 20 dB. A simple combination of simultaneous and nonsimultaneous masking is unable to predict
these results. Instead, it appears that the elevated thresholds at short durations are dependent on the
spectral shape of the simultaneous masker. 1998 Acoustical Society of America.
S0001-4966 98 02510-7
PACS numbers: 43.71.An, 43.66.Ba, 43.66.Dc RVS
Short-duration speech signals, such as plosives, are often


Source: Alwan, Abeer - Electrical Engineering Department, University of California at Los Angeles


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences