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July 21, 2005 Dear SCEC Spontaneous Rupture Modeler,

Summary: 1
July 21, 2005
Dear SCEC Spontaneous Rupture Modeler,
We are now tackling The Problem, Versions 4 and 5 for our upcoming spontaneous
rupture code-validation (modelers) workshop. This first workshop of 2005 will be held
on Sunday September 11, 2005 in the SCEC Annual Meeting Hotel in Palm Springs.
I am envisioning a 9:00 a.m. start time.
Please register for the workshop and for the Annual Meeting on the SCEC website.
Please also contact John McRaney or Dana Coyle if you need help with plane tix, hotel,
and travel reimbursement information. Most likely you will want to stay over at the
meeting hotel Saturday night.
The specific goal for this meeting is to see if we can get a (comparative) handle on the
The Problem, Version 4 (TPV4) and The Problem, Version 5 (TPV5).
For this workshop the only code-description presentations will be by modelers whose
codes were not previously presented in a code-validation workshop, or whose codes have
had significant modifications. Please let me know if you'll be using a new or greatly
modified code. We can also discuss new insights into how the codes work differently, if
these differences are affecting our comparison exercise.
The next pages have the description of The Problem, Versions 4 and 5.
TPV4 and TPV5 use the same nucleation process as TPV3, but add 2 new stress patches


Source: Ampuero, Jean Paul - Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology


Collections: Geosciences