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BuyatBulk Network Design Baruch Awerbuch \Lambda Yossi Azar y

Summary: Buy­at­Bulk Network Design
Baruch Awerbuch \Lambda Yossi Azar y
Department of Computer Science Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University Tel Aviv University
Baltimore, MD 21218 Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
The essence of the simplest buy­at­bulk network
design problem is buying network capacity ''whole­
sale'' to guarantee connectivity from all network
nodes to a certain central network switch. Capac­
ity is sold with ''volume discount'': the more ca­
pacity is bought, the cheaper is the price per unit
of bandwidth. We provide O(log 2 n) randomized
approximation algorithm for the problem. This
solves the open problem in [15]. The only pre­
viously known solutions were restricted to special
cases (Euclidean graphs) [15].
We solve additional natural variations of the
problem, such as multi­sink network design, as
well as selective network design. These problems


Source: Awerbuch, Baruch - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
Azar, Yossi - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences