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Integrating Algorithmic Debugging and Unfolding Transformation in an Interactive Learner

Summary: Integrating Algorithmic Debugging and Unfolding
Transformation in an Interactive Learner
Zolt’ an Alexin 1 and Tibor Gyim’ othy 2 and Henrik Bostr˜ om 3
Abstract. The algorithm SPECTRE specializes logic programs with
respect to positive and negative examples by applying the transforma­
tion rule unfolding together with clause removal. The method IMPUT
presented in this paper gives a modified version of this algorithm by
integrating the algorithmic debugging system IDTS with SPECTRE.
The main idea of the IMPUT method is that the identification of a
clause to be unfolded has a crucial importance in the effectiveness
of the specialization process. The debugging system IDTS is used to
identify this buggy clause 4 .
Keywords. Logic and Constraint Programming, Machine Learning
1 Introduction
In this paper we present a method for the interactive revision of
multiple predicates of logic programs. The method (called IMPUT)
is based on the interactive debugging technique IDTS introduced in
[6] and the specialization algorithm SPECTRE presented in [4]. The
main idea of IMPUT is that by combining a debugger with SPECTRE
an improvement of the specialization process can be achieved.


Source: Alexin, Zoltán - Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences