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Characterization of Conflicts in Log-Based Transactional Memory (LogTM) J. Ruben Titos, Manuel E. Acacio, Jose M. Garcia

Summary: Characterization of Conflicts in Log-Based Transactional Memory (LogTM)
J. Rub´en Titos, Manuel E. Acacio, Jos´e M. Garc´ia
Universidad de Murcia
Dpto. Ingenier´ia y Tecnolog´ia de Computadores
Campus de Espinardo, 30100 Murcia, Spain
The difficulty of multithreaded programming remains a
major obstacle for programmers to fully exploit multicore
chips. Transactional memory has been proposed as an ab-
straction capable of ameliorating the challenges of tradi-
tional lock-based parallel programming. Hardware trans-
actional memory (HTM) systems implement the necessary
mechanisms to provide transactional semantics efficiently.
In order to keep hardware simple, current HTM designs ap-
ply fixed policies that aim at optimizing the most expected
application behaviour, and many of these proposals explic-
itly assume that commits will be clearly more frequent than
aborts in future transactional workloads.
This paper shows that some applications developed un-


Source: Acacio, Manuel - Departamento de Ingenieria y Tecnologia de Computadores, Universidad de Murcia


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences