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Multiple Field of View MR Fluoroscopy Pelin Aksit,1

Summary: Multiple Field of View MR Fluoroscopy
Pelin Aksit,1
J. Andrew Derbyshire,2
Jean-Michel Serfaty,1
and Ergin Atalar1*
This work describes a real-time imaging and visualization tech-
nique that allows multiple field of view (FOV) imaging. A stream
of images from a single receiver channel can be reconstructed
at multiple FOVs within each image frame. Alternately, or in
addition, when multiple receiver channels are available, image
streams from each channel can be independently recon-
structed at multiple FOVs. The implementation described here
provides for real-time visualization of the placement of guide-
wires and catheters on a dynamic roadmap during interven-
tional procedures. The loopless catheter antenna, an electri-
cally active intravascular probe, was used for MR signal recep-
tion. In 2D projection images, the catheter and surrounding
structures within its diameter of sensitivity appear as bright
signal. The simplicity of the resulting images allows very-nar-
row-FOV imaging to decrease imaging time. Very-narrow-FOV


Source: Atalar, Ergin - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine