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3B Syllabus: Spring 2011 Lecture: MWF 8-8:50 in LSB 1001

Summary: 3B Syllabus: Spring 2011
Lecture: MWF 8-8:50 in LSB 1001
Text: Calculus by Stewart (Pretty much any calculus book will do)
Material to be covered: Chapters 5-8
Instructor: Ryan Ottman
Email: rottman@math.ucsb.edu
Web: http://math.ucsb.edu/~rottman
Office: South Hall 6721
Office hours: MWF 9:00-10:00 or by appointment.
TA: Shawn Wirts
TA email: shawnwirts@math.ucsb.edu
Office: SH 6432D
TA office hours: W 11-12
Mathlab hours: W 12-2
Homework: Homework will be assigned through webwork(webwork.math.ucsb.edu).
Working together on the homework is encouraged, but remember that the home-
work is your practice for the exams, so even if you work in groups, make sure you
understand the problems well enough to do it on your own.
Purpose of homework: The reason I assign homework is so you will have a chance to
practice problems and learn the material. This is your chance to take the ideas you


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


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