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Symmetric Extension for Two-Channel Quincunx Filter Banks

Summary: Symmetric Extension for
Two-Channel Quincunx Filter Banks
Yi Chen, Michael D. Adams, and Wu-Sheng Lu
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Victoria
In the case of one-dimensional filter banks, symmetric ex-
tension is a commonly used technique for constructing non-
expansive transforms of finite-length sequences. In this pa-
per, we show how symmetric extension can be extended to
the case of two-dimensional filter banks based on quincunx
sampling. In particular, we show how, for filter banks of this
type, one can construct nonexpansive transforms for input
sequences defined on arbitrary rectangular regions.
1. Introduction
Fig. 1 shows a two-dimensional two-channel filter bank. Of-
ten, such a filter bank is defined so as to operate on se-
quences of infinite extent. In practice, however, we always
deal with sequences of finite extent. Therefore, we usu-
ally require some means for adapting filter banks to such


Source: Adams, Michael D. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Victoria


Collections: Engineering