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NCI-NHGRI Working Group on Replication in Association Studies

Summary: NCI-NHGRI Working Group on Replication
in Association Studies
The study of human genetics has recently
undergone a dramatic transition with the com-
pletion of both the sequencing of the human
genome and the mapping of human haplo-
types of the most common form of genetic
variation, the single nucleotide polymorphism
. In concert with this rapid expansion
of detailed genomic information, cost-effective
genotyping technologies have been developed
that can assay hundreds of thousands of SNPs
simultaneously. Together, these advances have
allowed a systematic, even `agnostic', approach
to genome-wide interrogation, thereby relaxing
the requirement for strong prior hypotheses.
So far, comprehensive reviews of the pub-
lished literature, most of which reports work
based on the candidate-gene approach, have


Source: Abecasis, Goncalo - Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Mathematics