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Research Article Stop the Presses

Summary: Research Article
Stop the Presses
Dissociating a Selective From a Global Mechanism for
Adam R. Aron1
and Frederick Verbruggen2,3
University of California, San Diego; 2
Vanderbilt University; and 3
Ghent University
ABSTRACT--How does one control an inappropriate ten-
dency? Many studies have investigated this question by
measuring the speed with which subjects stop an initiated
response. Yet the rapid stopping of an initiated response is
apparently underpinned by a neurocognitive mechanism
that has global effects on multiple tendencies. This limits
such studies as models of cognitive control because they
do not explain the selectivity of control over particular
tendencies that is apparent in everyday life. We hypothe-
sized that subjects employ a selective stopping mechanism


Source: Aron, Adam - Department of Psychology, University of California at San Diego


Collections: Biology and Medicine