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Enhancing impedance imaging through multi-modal Doga Gursoy, Member, IEEE, Yasin Mamatjan, Andy Adler and Hermann Scharfetter

Summary: 1
Enhancing impedance imaging through multi-modal
Doga G¨ursoy, Member, IEEE, Yasin Mamatjan, Andy Adler and Hermann Scharfetter
Abstract--Several noninvasive modalities including electrical
impedance tomography (EIT), magnetic induction tomography
(MIT) and induced-current EIT (ICEIT) have been developed for
imaging the electrical conductivity distribution within a human
body. Although these modalities differ in how the excitation and
detection circuitry (electrodes or coils) are implemented, they
share a number of common principles not only within the image
reconstruction approaches but also with respect to the basic
principle of generating a current density distribution inside a
body and recording the resultant electric fields. In this paper, we
are interested in comparing differences between these modalities
and in theoretically understanding the compromises involved,
despite the increased hardware cost and complexity that such a
multi-modal system brings along. To systematically assess the
merits of combining data, we performed 3-D simulations for
each modality and for the multi-modal system by combining


Source: Adler, Andy - Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences