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Just dust : About the (in)applicability of rotating dust solutions as realistic galaxy models

Summary: Just dust : About the (in)applicability of rotating
dust solutions as realistic galaxy models
Tobias Zingg, Andreas Aste and Dirk Trautmann
Department for Physics and Astronomy, University of Basel,
4056 Basel, Switzerland
Abstract. Solutions of the stationary axisymmetric Einstein equations describing
the interior of circularly rotating dust are investigated in order to study their potential
applicability as galaxy models. It is shown that such interior solutions cannot be used
as global metrics without becoming unphysical in certain regions of space. Although
definite results concerning the inapplicability of axisymmetric dust solutions can be
derived only for the case of rigidly rotating dust including a continuation into a vacuum
solution, the present analysis exhibits that also solutions for non-rigidly rotating dust
would in general also be inadequate as physically reasonable galaxy models. These
findings give a further indication that the observed flat galaxy rotation curves cannot
be attributed simply to general relativistic effects.
Keywords: Galaxies: kinematics and dynamics, dark matter, relativity and gravitation
PACS numbers: 98.35.Df; 98.62.Dm; 98.62.Ck; 95.35.+d; 95.30.Sf
1. Introduction
There has been some recent interest in a general relativistic model of Cooperstock &
Tieu [1], which attempts to fit rotation curves of spiral galaxies without invoking dark


Source: Aste, Andreas - Institut für Physik, Universität Basel


Collections: Physics