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On Spectrum Sharing in Narrowband Cellular Wireless Networks

Summary: On Spectrum Sharing in Narrowband Cellular
Wireless Networks
Ashraf Al Daoud and Murat Alanyali
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Boston University, Boston, MA 02215
Email: {ashraf, alanyali}@bu.edu
Abstract--We study secondary spectrum sharing in narrow-
band cellular networks in which calls in neighboring cells need
to be assigned different channels. Analysis of such networks are in
general difficult due to large state spaces and lack of closed form
expressions. Here we consider linear topologies and show that
they lend themselves to exact analysis. We analyze four sharing
policies where equilibrium distribution of cell occupancies is a
Markov random field. For each policy we derive closed form
expressions for the equilibrium distributions in the form of
a product of certain stochastic matrices. This characterization
leads to tractable computation of equilibrium distributions and
blocking probabilities. We use the obtained results to compare
the policies in terms of (i) maximum revenue, and (ii) secondary
price-demand pairs that lead to positive profit for the network


Source: Alanyali, Murat - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University


Collections: Engineering