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Curriculum vitae Christoffer Johansson Westheim

Summary: Curriculum vitae
Christoffer Johansson Westheim
Adress: Ecology building, Box 188, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)46-222 4955
E-mail: Christoffer.Johansson@teorekol.lu.se
I received my PhD in Zoomorphology at Göteborg University 2002, working on the
hydrodynamics of swimming birds. My Post doc at Harvard University concerned the
hydrodynamics of paddling propulsion of swimming frogs. I am currently employed
as a scientist following up my work as an Assistant Professor at Lund University. I
work on aerodynamics of vertebrate flight. In my present work and during my Post
doc I have been working with Digital Particle Image Velocimetry (DPIV), a method
for experimental studies of animal fluid dynamics, as well as three dimensional
kinematic analysis based on high speed video filming. The results of my work have
lead to two publications in Nature and two in Science.
Current position:
February, 2008-. Scientist at the Dept. of Theoretical Ecology, Lund University,
Lund, Sweden.
Previous positions:
February, 2004 until January, 2008. Assistant Professor (Financed by the Swedish


Source: Alerstam, Thomas - Department of Ecology, Lunds Universitet


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology