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Recollective Qualities Modulate Hippocampal Activation During Autobiographical Memory Retrieval

Summary: Recollective Qualities Modulate Hippocampal Activation During
Autobiographical Memory Retrieval
Donna Rose Addis,1,2* Morris Moscovitch,1,3
Adrian P. Crawley,2,4
and Mary Pat McAndrews1,2
ABSTRACT: Recent neuroimaging studies report preferential hip-
pocampal engagement during autobiographical memory (AM) retrieval.
Although the basis of this preferential activation remains unclear, it may
be related to the temporal specificity, recency, or recollective qualities of
AMs, such as detail, emotionality, and personal significance. Typically,
however, these variables are confounded, and thus we sought to investi-
gate the contributions of each to hippocampal activation during AM
retrieval. We conducted an event-related functional magnetic resonance
imaging (fMRI) study in which participants retrieved temporally specific
AMs and general, repeated AMs, and rated each for level of detail,
emotion, or personal significance. These ratings, as well as the recency of
AMs, were used in parametric modulation analyses to identify brain
regions that correlated positively with ratings, independent of recency,
and vice versa. Retrieval of AMs activated a number of regions, including
the hippocampus. No differences in hippocampal activation were evident


Source: Addis, Donna Rose - Department of Psychology, University of Auckland


Collections: Biology and Medicine