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An adaptive system for the personalized access to news

Summary: 1
An adaptive system for the personalized
access to news
Liliana Ardissono, Luca Console and Ilaria Torre
Dipartimento di Informatica, Universit`a di Torino
Corso Svizzera 185 - 10149 Torino (Italy)

liliana,lconsole,ila.torreĦ @di.unito.it
Personalization is one of the keys for the success of web
services. In this paper we present SeAN (Server for Adap-
tive News), an adaptive system for the personalized accessto
news servers on the WWW. The aims of the system are (i)
to select the sections (topics) and news in the server that are
most relevant for each user, (ii) to customize the detail level
of each news item to the user's characteristics and (iii) to
select the advertisements that are most appropriate for each
page and user. In the paper we discuss the functionalities of
the system and we present the choices we made in its de-
sign. In particular, we focus on the techniques we adopted


Source: Ardissono, Liliana - Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Torino


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences