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Probabilistic Multicast: Generalizing the Multicast Paradigm

Summary: Probabilistic Multicast:
Generalizing the Multicast Paradigm
to Improve Scalability
Mostafa H. Ammar
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332
E­mail: ammar@cc.gatech.edu
April 26, 1993
Technical Report GIT­CC­93/28
Multicast is a much studied communication paradigm where a message is sent to
a multicast group identified by a single group address. The semantics of multicast
communication are normally defined such that all members of the multicast group
need to receive a copy of the multicast message. Because of this definition, multicast
communication is said to be not scalable due to the performance degradation problems
encountered when the size of a multicast group is large. In this paper we consider the
multicast­to­some generalization of the traditional multicast paradigm. In this form
of communication, a multicast group is still associated with each multicast message.


Source: Ammar, Mostafa - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences