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REPRODUCTIONRESEARCH Effect of genetic background and activating stimulus on the

Effect of genetic background and activating stimulus on the
timing of meiotic cell cycle progression in parthenogenetically
activated mouse oocytes
Elena IbaŽn~ez1
, David F Albertini2
and Eric W Overstrošm1,2
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, North Grafton,
Massachusetts 01536, USA and 2
Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology, Tufts University School of Medicine,
Boston, Massachusetts 02111, USA
Correspondence should be addressed to E W Overstrošm who is now at Department of Biology and Biotechnology,
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 100 Institute Road, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609-2280, USA; Email: ewo@wpi.edu
(E IbaŽn~ez is now at Departament de Biologia Cellular, Fisiologia i Immunologia, Facultat de Cie`ncies, Universitat Auto`noma de
Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra, Spain)
(D F Albertini is now at Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Kansas University Medical Center, Kansas City,
Kansas 66160­7401, USA)
With the aim of investigating the effects of oocyte genotype and activating stimulus on the timing of nuclear events after acti-


Source: Albertini, David - Center for Reproductive Sciences, University of Kansas


Collections: Biology and Medicine