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Simultaneous NMR Microimaging of Multiple Single-Cell Samples

Summary: Simultaneous NMR Microimaging of Multiple
Single-Cell Samples
Physikalisches Institut, EPV, Universitašt Wušrzburg, Am Hubland, Wušrzburg 97074, Germany
ABSTRACT: Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) microimaging experiments performed
on small samples such as single cells typically require long data acquisition times and are
usually carried out on high-field systems with limited access time. When using small probe
coils on millimetre (or smaller) size scale to study single cells, it is desirable to take
advantage of the comparatively large volume of homogeneous static magnetic field within
the magnet to increase the efficiency of NMR data acquisition. Here we describe the
development of a four-channel probehead that consists of four individual solenoid coils
(length 2.8 mm, outer diameter 2 mm) stacked along the z axis. The probehead was
designed for a 17.6 Tesla (750 MHz) wide-bore magnet, and operates within a 40 mm inner
diameter gradient set with maximum strength 1 Tesla per metre. We performed simulations
to estimate the impact of shielding between the coils on the B1 field distribution. Results
showed that for coil-shield separations on the order of a coil radius, no significant change in B1
homogeneity is expected, and therefore coils were spaced accordingly. Coil isolation of greater
than 35 dB was achieved for all coils, and the Q values were 160 unloaded and 60 loaded
with 100 mM NaCl solution. Practical use of the probehead was demonstrated by obtaining
simultaneously four three-dimensional T1 maps of chemically fixed Xenopus laevis oocytes at a


Source: Andrews, Anne M. - Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine