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The Dyna Pro NanoStar (Batch DLS/SLS Experiments)

Summary: The Dyna Pro NanoStar
(Batch DLS/SLS Experiments)
1. Use disposable cuvettes for samples dissolved in water only for DLS
measurement. Quartz cuvette should be used for SLS measurement and DLS
measurement in organic solvents.
2. Clean and dry the NanoStar quartz cuvette- both inside and outside.
3. Quartz cuvette has an anti-reflection coating on each of four windows. Avoid
touching the lower windows so as not to scratch or dirty them, in addition cuvette
should not be subjected to extreme shocks, either mechanical or thermal. The
outside windows should be only wiped with lens cleaning paper wetted with a few
drops of solvent. For organic and oily deposits 99.9% hexanes is recommended.
For other dirt 99.9% methanol is recommended.
4. Inside cuvette- never let sample dry out without cleaning it. If the cuvette is not
perfectly clean between uses, store it in a solvent bath to prevent sample from
drying on the surfaces. When cuvette needs to be cleaned it is important to
determine the residual materials that must be removed and solvents. After
cleaning cuvette rinse it with methanol and nitrogen blow dry.
5. Ultrasonic cleaners can operate at frequencies that a resonant with the cuvette,
which can cause to break. Don't use ultrasonic cleaners.
6. If the cap is dirty- clean it with detergent solution, followed by a water rinse,


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Mathematics