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Faculty of Arts and Science Department of Mathematics and

Summary: Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of Mathematics and
Advice for students in year 2 in 2010/11
March 2010
Chair of Undergraduate Studies O. A. Nielsen
Assistant Chair of Undergraduate Studies A. Ableson
Some important things to note:
1. Students wanting advice about courses or programs should consult Pro-
fessor Nielsen, either by e-mail (ole.nielsen@queensu.ca) or by coming to
the mathematics and statistics office (on the third or ground-level floor of
Jeffrey Hall) and asking for him.
2. BIOM 300* may be taken after completing any full-year course in calculus
although a course in linear algebra is recommended.
3. MATH 211 will not be offered in 2010/11.
4. Under certain conditions some substitutions in the required 100- and 200-
level courses may be permitted:
a. Students in the following concentrations are permitted to take either
STAT 263*, 351* or STAT 263*, 268* in place of STAT 268*, 269*:
i. the minor or general concentration in statistics


Source: Abolmaesumi, Purang - School of Computing, Queen's University (Kingston)


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