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Leveraging Optical Technology in Future Bus-based Chip Multiprocessors

Summary: Leveraging Optical Technology in Future
Bus-based Chip Multiprocessors
Nevin Kirman Meyrem Kirman Rajeev K. Dokania Jos´e F. Mart´inez
Alyssa B. Apsel Matthew A. Watkins David H. Albonesi
Computer Systems Laboratory
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853 USA
Although silicon optical technology is still in its formative
stages, and the more near-term application is chip-to-chip
communication, rapid advances have been made in the de-
velopment of on-chip optical interconnects. In this paper,
we investigate the integration of CMOS-compatible optical
technology to on-chip cache-coherent buses in future CMPs.
While not exhaustive, our investigation yields a hierarchi-
cal opto-electrical system that exploits the advantages of op-
tical technology while abiding by projected limitations. Our
evaluation shows that, for the applications considered, com-
pared to an aggressive all-electrical bus of similar power and


Source: Albonesi, David H. - Computer Systems Laboratory, Cornell University
Martínez, José F. - Computer Systems Laboratory & School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences