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Original Research Accuracy of Arterial Pulse-Wave

Summary: Original Research
Accuracy of Arterial Pulse-Wave
Velocity Measurement Using MR
Bradley D. Bolster, Jr, MSE Ergin Atalar, PhD
The performance of a one-dimensional MR technique
for the estimation of pulse-wave velocity in the aorta
was evaluated. An expression for the error in this es-
timate was formulated andveri5edbothby simulation
and by experiment. On the basis of this formulation.
guidelinesfor increasing the emciency of the acquisi-
tion were established.The technique was further vali-
dated by comparison with pulse-wave velocity meas-
urementsmade with a pressure catheter.All datawere
acquired from a latex tube driven by a pulsatile flow
system. MR measurements of pulse-wave velocity in
the tube were found to be very reproducible in the
presence of white noise. Measurementsby othertech-
niques were in good agreement, fallingwithin 2 SD of
the mean. Because of its sensitivity and spatial reso-
lution. this technique shows promise for making spa-


Source: Atalar, Ergin - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine