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Swarm Intelligence for Routing in Communication Networks I. Kassabalidis*

Summary: Swarm Intelligence for Routing in Communication Networks
I. Kassabalidis*
, M.A. El-Sharkawi*
, R.J.Marks II*
, P. Arabshahi
, A.A. Gray
Abstract Swarm intelligence, as demonstrated by natural
biological swarms, has numerous powerful properties desirable
in many engineering systems, such as network routing. In
addition, new paradigms for designing autonomous and scalable
systems may result from analytically understanding and
extending the design principles and operations exhibited by
intelligent biological swarms. A key element of future design
paradigms will be emergent intelligence simple local
interactions of autonomous swarm members, with simple
primitives, giving rise to complex and intelligent global behavior.
Communication network management is becoming increasingly
difficult due to the increasing size, rapidly changing topology,
and complexity of communication networks. A new class of


Source: Arabshahi, Payman - Applied Physics Laboratory & Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Engineering