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106 Epigenetics 2007;Vol.2Issue2 Research Paper

Summary: 106 Epigenetics 2007;Vol.2Issue2
Research Paper
Epigenetic Control of a Transcription Factor at the Cross Section
of Two Antagonistic Pathways
Raul Alvarez-Venegas1
Ayed Al Abdallat1
Ming Guo2
James R. Alfano2
Zoya Avramova1,*
1School of Biological Sciences; 2Plant Science Initiative and Department of Plant
Pathology; University of Nebraska; Lincoln, Nebraska USA
*Correspondence to: Zoya Avramova; School of Biological Sciences; University
of Nebraska; Lincoln Nebraska 68588-0660 USA; Tel.: 402.472.3139; Fax:
402.472.20.83; Email: zavramova2@unl.edu
Original manuscript submitted: 03/12/07
Manuscript accepted: 05/08/07
Previously published online as an Epigenetics E-publication:
Key woRds
plant homolog of trithorax, regulating


Source: Alfan, James R. - Department of Plant Pathology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Collections: Biology and Medicine