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CSE 241 Algorithms and Data Structures Closest Pair Algorithm

Summary: CSE 241 Algorithms and Data Structures
Closest Pair Algorithm
Assigned: 01/30/2012 Due Date: 02/27/2012
You must read and sign the following statement to get credit for this assignment.
Please turn it on on the due date of the lab.
I have read and understood the CSE 241 collaboration policy posted on the course web site. I
understand that these rules govern assignments given in this class, and that violations are subject
to severe penalties. I have neither violated the collaboration policy nor helped others to violate it
in completing this assignment.
1 Overview
This lab has several goals:
Ensure that you understand the closest-pair algorithms studied in class.
Ensure that you understand and can implement at least one of the sorting algorithms.
Give a first-hand understanding of the practical benefits of nontrivial algorithm design, in
particular the divide-and-conquer methodology.
Get you to set up and familiarize yourself with the working environment in which you'll be
doing the rest of your 241 labs.


Source: Agrawal, Kunal - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences