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The Face oF a Killer This killer is responsible for almost 30% of all

Summary: The Face oF a Killer
This killer is responsible for almost 30% of all
deaths from cancer. He moves in quietly, and
by the time he is discovered, for most it's too
late. He is choosey about his victims, people
who have smoked are favorites but exposure
to second-hand smoke is good enough. He
was getting worried, though. Smoking in the
United States was going down, but that seems
to have leveled off and may be rising, especially
among kids. That's good for business.
Meanwhile, he targets more women who have never taken a drag in their life.
our killer claims that's a bum rap, that's a different guy, but don't be fooled.
Lung cancer is the most deadly form of cancer, and your survival rate is a
dismal five years.
National expenditures for lung cancer are over $10 billion a year. But lung
cancer, he doesn't care.
cigarette manufacturers, spend almost dollar for dollar in advertising and
promotion in a year. a dollar to get you hooked; a dollar for that X-ray with
the fuzzy white area in the old lung. It's a good deal.


Source: Arslan, Hüseyin - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida


Collections: Engineering