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Engineering Mathematics I: Math 151 Sections 810, 811, 812

Summary: Engineering Mathematics I: Math 151
Sections 810, 811, 812
Fall 2010, MWF 9:1010:00 in HELD 113
Professor: Michael Anshelevich, 326 Milner, manshel@math.tamu.edu, 8456679 (please
use email).
Webpages: www.math.tamu.edu/manshel/m151/m151.html and
Office hours: MW 11:3012:30, T 2:003:00, or by appointment.
TA: Bingsheng Zhang. Labs:
Section 810, T 2:203:10 in BLOC 124 and R 2:203:10 in CE 223.
Section 811, T 5:306:20 in BLOC 124 and R 5:306:20 in CE 223.
Section 812, T 8:008:50 in BLOC 123 and R 8:008:50 in CE 006.
Text: Stewart, Calculus: Early Vectors (Aggie Version), Brooks/Cole Publishing. Go to the website
tamumath.ichaptersbuy.com for special pricing. The computer laboratory will also use
Gilat Amos, Matlab: An introduction, 3rd edition, Wiley, ISBN 0471694207.
Learning Objectives: This course is to provide students with quantitative and problem-solving
skills of 2-dimensional vectors and differential calculus. At the conclusion of this course, students
should be able to:
1. Know and use techniques of limits and differentiation.
2. Apply techniques of differentiation to a variety of applications, including engineering applica-


Source: Anshelevich, Michael - Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University


Collections: Mathematics