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The Engineering Proposal Final Design IV -ENGG*41X0

Summary: The Engineering Proposal
Final Design IV - ENGG*41X0
An engineering proposal is a written offer to perform specific work (e.g., research project,
design or construction) for compensation (a grade in this case).
- a special type of engineering report, with common characteristics of all
engineering reports (i.e., layout, front material, subject groupings, etc.)
- writing style can be more familiar than usual in scientific reports (e.g., can be
written in 1st
person active voice rather than 3rd
person passive)
- must be brief and to the point (5-8 pages of body text, not including
- written so the reader gets the main ideas of the proposed work but not all the
technical details
- must clearly highlight benefits and costs (drawbacks) and other impacts
- may use a positive, optimistic tone (persuasive without being misleading)
Points to Consider:
- statement of need, problem definition, design ideas


Source: Areibi, Shawki M - School of Engineering, University of Guelph


Collections: Engineering