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arXiv:0710.0739v1[hep-lat]3Oct2007 Transport and spectral functions in

Summary: arXiv:0710.0739v1[hep-lat]3Oct2007
Transport and spectral functions in
high-temperature QCD
Gert Aarts
Department of Physics, Swansea University
Swansea, SA2 8PP, United Kingdom
E-mail: g.aarts@swan.ac.uk
The current status of transport coefficients in relativistic field theories at high temperature is re-
viewed. I contrast weak coupling results obtained using kinetic theory/diagrammatic techniques
with strong coupling results obtained using gauge/gravity duality, and describe the recent devel-
opments in extracting transport coefficients and spectral functions from lattice QCD simulations.
The fate of quarkonium at high temperature as seen from the lattice is briefly mentioned as well.
The XXV International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory
July 30-4 August 2007
Regensburg, Germany
Plenary talk
c Copyright owned by the author(s) under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence. http://pos.sissa.it/
Transport and spectral functions in high-temperature QCD
1. Introduction
Transport coefficients characterize fluctuations and relaxation on long length and time scales


Source: Aarts, Gert - Department of Physics, University of Wales Swansea


Collections: Physics