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Objent : A Framework for Highend Collaborative Applications \Lambda Mustaque Ahamad, Raja Das, Karsten Schwan,

Summary: Objent : A Framework for High­end Collaborative Applications \Lambda
Mustaque Ahamad, Raja Das, Karsten Schwan,
Fabian Bustamante, Todd Rose and Dong Zhou
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332
Email: fmustaq,raja,schwang@cc.gatech.edu
1 Introduction
Over the last few years, the World­wide Web has emerged as a popular vehicle for developing distributed
collaborative applications. For example, a Web browser enhanced with support for Java applets and Java
remote method invocation (RMI) can be used to structure an application where many nodes can perform local
computations and cooperate by invoking remote object methods. Although this approach is viable for applications
that have limited computational and communication needs, new application are emerging that allow widely
distributed users to share rich 3D environments (e.g., complex shared visualizations[2], VR based distributed
games[3], etc.). To meet the requirements of such applications, it is necessary to provide support for their efficient
execution and for low latency access to state shared by distributed application components.
We posit that object and agent technologies should be integrated in future middleware not only because
this will result in a single programming model for application developers but more importantly, because these
technologies provide complementary functionalities. Namely, distributed objects can offer high performance
across wired platforms, using their invocation mechanisms for shipping data to remote nodes, assuming those


Source: Ahamad, Mustaque - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences