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Restoration Success: How Is It Being Measured? Maria C. Ruiz-Jaen1,2

Summary: Restoration Success: How Is It Being Measured?
Maria C. Ruiz-Jaen1,2
and T. Mitchell Aide2
The criteria of restoration success should be clearly estab-
lished to evaluate restoration projects. Recently, the Soci-
ety of Ecological Restoration International (SER) has
produced a Primer that includes ecosystem attributes that
should be considered when evaluating restoration success.
To determine how restoration success has been evaluated
in restoration projects, we reviewed articles published in
Restoration Ecology (Vols. 1[1]11[4]). Specifically, we
addressed the following questions: (1) what measures of
ecosystem attributes are assessed and (2) how are these
measures used to determine restoration success. No study
has measured all the SER Primer attributes, but most
studies did include at least one measure in each of three
general categories of the ecosystem attributes: diversity,
vegetation structure, and ecological processes. Most of the
reviewed studies are using multiple measures to evaluate


Source: Aide, Mitchell - Department of Biology, Universidad de Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology