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Fermi surface of the ferromagnetic semimetal, EuB6 M. C. Aronson

Summary: Fermi surface of the ferromagnetic semimetal, EuB6
M. C. Aronson
The Harrison M. Randall Laboratory of Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1120
J. L. Sarrao,* Z. Fisk, M. Whitton, and B. L. Brandt
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, 1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32306
Received 20 July 1998; revised manuscript received 20 October 1998
We report the results of magnetoresistance and magnetization measurements on single crystal EuB6 for
temperatures above and below the ferromagnetic ordering temperatures TC 15.3 K and TC 12.5 K, in
magnetic fields as large as 30 T. Shubnikov­de Haas and de Haas­van Alphen oscillations were observed with
four fundamental frequencies. By comparison to band-structure calculations, we ascribe the orbits to small
pockets of electrons and holes, centered at the X points. The effective masses and extremal areas of the pockets
are in good agreement with the predictions of band-structure calculations. We conclude that EuB6 is an
intrinsic semimetal and not a doped insulator. The intrinsic carrier concentration is 1.2 1020
cm 3
, although
our sample is somewhat uncompensated, with a 65% surplus of holes. There is no appreciable modification to
the Fermi-surface dimensions or carrier masses with the onset of ferromagnetism. S0163-1829 99 01907-4
Hexaboride compounds have long been studied experi-
mentally and theoretically,1
and their promise as model com-


Source: Aronson, Meigan - Department of Physics and Astronomy, SUNY at Stony Brook


Collections: Materials Science; Physics