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Session 3630 Building a Digital Learning Community for Faculty

Summary: Session 3630
Building a Digital Learning Community for Faculty
on the Internet
Jason Puzniak, Flora McMartin and Alice Agogino
University of California at Berkeley
The exponential growth of the Internet and World Wide Web have led to increased competition
in the quality of Internet services provided. Increasingly sophisticated users are no longer
satisfied with dealing with static sets of information alone and expect a broad array of new
services and features on Web sites. In particular, they are expecting more interactivity and want
services that help them to connect with other people to exchange and discuss information they
find. Engineering faculty are no exception to this trend -- the Internet provides them with an
opportunity to connect with colleagues and establish professional relationships based on issues
around teaching and learning.
NEEDS (the National Engineering Education Delivery System), a digital library for engineering
education (www.needs.org) is the distributed architecture developed by Synthesis: A National
Engineering Education Coalition (see www.synthesis.org) to enable the sharing of new
pedagogical models based on Internet-mediated learning environments. NEEDS has undertaken
an effort to learn more about its users and has found that with regards to teaching, faculty prefer
to learn from one another. As a result of this research, NEEDS is experimenting with a variety of


Source: Agogino, Alice M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


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