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Summer Research Internship Beginning: June 15

Summary: Summer Research Internship
Beginning: June 15
Concluding: August 15
Location: University of California @ Davis
Faculty Advisor/Project Manager: John Owens
Project Team: Andrew Davidson, Mark Harris, John Owens
Summer Research at UCDavis: GPU Computing using CUDA
for biological sequence alignment.
Andrew Davidson
Computer Engineering and
Center for Computation and Technology
Louisiana State University
Fred C. Frey Computing Center
Baton Rouge, LA, 70803
Faculty Advisor: Gabrielle Allen
1.1 Project Description
My research at UCDavis involved developing code for a GPU computing library with the appellation CUDPP: CUDA Data
Parallel Primitives Library. CUDA is a new computing architecture designed to enable the GPU to solve computational
rather than visual problems (discussed in section 2.1). Although powerful in raw performance and capabilities, there are
very few libraries available to the public for CUDA programming. Those interested in CUDA and scientific computing


Source: Allen, Gabrielle - Department of Computer Science, Louisiana State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences