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Transparency Homework: C. Scott Ananian

Summary: Transparency Homework:
C. Scott Ananian
March 5, 2001
Menomini summary: iterative regressive (right­to­left) assimilation of
long high [­ATR] vowels ([I:] and [U:]) with following high [+ATR] vowel
([i], [i:], [u], and [u:]). Short high [­ATR] vowels ([I] and [U]) and long or
short low [­ATR] vowels ([A] and [A:]) are transparent; low [+ATR] vowels
([a] and [a:]) are opaque.
As a first attempt at a constraint system, we consider only the assim­
ilation process, ignoring opacity and transparency. We assume that the
assimilation is driven by Agree[ATR] AE Ident[ATR]. Since low, short,
or [+ATR] vowels are never altered by assimilation, but long high [­ATR]
vowels are, we have:
Id[+ATR], Id[low], Id[short­V] AE Agree[ATR] AE Id[high], Id[long­V], Id[ATR]
The lowest­ranked constraints will occasionally be omitted from tableaus.
Note that because Vowel Place is never altered in order to obtain agreement,
we also have an undominated Ident[V­Place] constraint in the ranking,
which we will also omit from tableaus.
In order to enforce an assimilation directionality, we could consider using


Source: Ananian, C. Scott - One Laptop Per Child


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences