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Summary: BioMed Central
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BMC Genomics
Open AccessDatabase
Comparative promoter region analysis powered by CORG
Christoph Dieterich*1, Steffen Grossmann1, Andrea Tanzer2,3,
Stefan Röpcke1, Peter F Arndt1, Peter F Stadler2,3 and Martin Vingron1
Address: 1Computational Molecular Biology Department, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Ihnestrasse 73, 14195 Berlin, Germany,
2Institute for Theoretical Chemistry and Structural Biology, University of Vienna, Währingerstrasse 17, A-1090 Wien, Austria and 3Bioinformatics
Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig, Kreuzstraße 7b, D-04103 Leipzig, Germany
Email: Christoph Dieterich* - christoph.dieterich@molgen.mpg.de; Steffen Grossmann - steffen.grossman@molgen.mpg.de;
Andrea Tanzer - andrea@bioinf.uni-leipzig.de; Stefan Röpcke - roepcke@molgen.mpg.de; Peter F Arndt - arndt@molgen.mpg.de;
Peter F Stadler - studla@bioinf.uni-leipzig.de; Martin Vingron - martin.vingron@molgen.mpg.de
* Corresponding author
Background: Promoters are key players in gene regulation. They receive signals from various
sources (e.g. cell surface receptors) and control the level of transcription initiation, which largely
determines gene expression. In vertebrates, transcription start sites and surrounding regulatory
elements are often poorly defined. To support promoter analysis, we present CORG http://


Source: Arndt, Peter - Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Genetik
Spang, Rainer - Computational Molecular Biology Group, Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Genetik


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Biotechnology; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Physics